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Dumontis helps organizations in becoming autonomous in continual improvement and thereby engaging the whole organization. In this way, principles and processes underlying performance are rooted with all associates and results are sustainable. We provide consulting, coaching and competency building services and have ample experience in the areas of Lean, TPM, Six Sigma, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Supplier Integration and Supplier Development.


02-24-2014 | 2014 has already been underway for quite a moment; time for Dumontis to briefly look back at 2013. As was already the case in 2012, also in 2013, for a large part, Dumontis has been active outside of the Netherlands. We have worked on Lean initiatives in the German chemical, Finnish construction, French aluminum and Dutch aerospace industry. Furthermore, we have also again guest-lectured at the Rotterdam School of Management on the topic of Lean Operations and Lean in the Supply Chain.

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One of the key elements in Lean is standardization. And despite the fact that standardization in Lean thinking is not the same as harmonization or making everything identical, the public opinion is that standardization will reduce flexibility and kill creativity. So why then does Lean focus on standardization? Could it be that the public opinion is wrong? Could standardization lead to more flexibility instead of less? And could standardization possibly require more creativity rather than eliminating it?

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.@phmcgillicuddy spot on, also check out “Discipline And The Broken Windows Theory” #Lean #Leadership
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RT @phmcgillicuddy: @phmcgillicuddy #standards #leadership #leader
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The machine-output ratio at #Toyota is two to three times that of similar companies ~Shingo 1981 #Lean
6 days 14 hours ago | dumontis
Good read #Lean #problemsolving
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Dumontis helps organizations to become autonomous in continual improvement and engaging the whole organization through consulting, coaching and competency building.

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